Insulation Liner


Our Insulation is custom designed to attach to the frame bolts on the interior of the shelter. Made of a patented polypropylene based non-woven fabric, it is very light-weight, thin and easily manageable weighing in at only 21 lbs (24') and 11 lbs (16').

  • It has two-fold insulating properties:
  • ┬áReflects 95% of radiant heat. Keeps heat inside during the winter, and heat out in the summer
  • Creates a 1″ to 1.5″ inch insulating air gap barrier between the cover and the insulation much like a double paned window
  • Each triangular piece is white on one side and metalized on the other. The metallic qualities adds an EMP resistance barrier to the shelter
  • Comes with mounting hardware and frame clips to seal around the windows, vents, stove jack, and door sections
  • Color coded tabs on the corners allow for easy installation, while providing strength and durability for a longer life
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