7 foot Emergency Thermal Reflective Shelter


Introducing the new 7 foot wide emergency thermal reflective shelter is designed to keep you warm during extremely cold situations. Pre-order this amazing new shelter. A small heat source like a fire is needed to capture the radiant heat. Simply place the shelter close to the fire to feel the heat to stay warm.

  • Comes with a water resistant ripstop with a thermal mylar lining.
  • Shelter is 7 X 3.5 X 3.5
  • Frames are made of high strength carbon fiber poles for easy assembly.



At Geo Shelters we are focused on bringing the finest quality products to our customers. We manufacture our line of shelters and their accessories with quality, durability and affordability in mind. Our frames, covers and accessories are all tested and proven to stand up to the highest standards of quality.

GeoShelters are designed with strength and durability in mind. The geodesic shape creates the greatest strength to weight ratio found in any architectural structure.

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