CF-110 Portable Refrigerator Freezer



The CoolFreeze keeps your favorite items chilled or frozen while you’re on the go. This portable cooler runs on AC or DC power and includes a memory feature that allows for settings to be mainted when the cooler is shut off.

With a generous 106 l Capacity, the jumbo-sized CoolFreeze CF 110 is ideal for the long holiday, family parties or food transport. Just like all other CF appliances, the CF 110 offers normal refrigeration or deep-freezing as well as CF special electronics with valuable extra functions including: quick chill turbo function, memory and dead battery protector. The CF 110 digital readout is more than a temperature indicator: it’s an integrated electronic digital control and temperature monitor. Just set the freezer to the desired temperature and then view your actual freezer temperature on the digital display. The CF 110 now also offers the convenience of 240 V AC built-in.

  • Holds 144 drink cans
  • Storage Volume: 3.77 cu ft (106 l) capacity fridge or freezer
  • Features include quick chill turbo function, memory and dead battery protector
  • 12/24 V DC, 110 V AC
  • Convenient interior light
  • Includes removable carrying handles, coated wire grid and basket
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