Barebones Ultimate Tool


Our uniquely designed, multi-use tool is the perfect companion for all your outside escapades.  Pound in tent stakes with the flat pommel base.  Measure planting depth with the handy inch marks.  Saw a branch or whittle some kindling with the rust-resistant, double-edged blade.  But don’t forget about the Ultimate Tool Sheath.  Durable fabric and reinforced lining come together beautifully to sustain and preserve the Ultimate Tool.


  • Ergonomic bamboo handle
  • Twine cutter/bottle opener
  • Tempered Stainless Steel
  • Knife edge
  • Serrated edge
  • Spade style scoop
  • 1″ depth markings
  • Full tang
  • Pommel base
  • Sheath


Manufacturer Warranty: 5 Years

Material: Heat treated stainless steel. Bamboo

Dimensions: 5.5 x 3.5 x 17

Weight: 2

Care: Spray soil off of tool with a hose and wipe clean with a cloth. Sharpen blade as needed.

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