The Benefits of Freeze Dried Food Storage

Food storage has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Traditional food storage has often included stores of grain such as wheat or rice. While traditional food storage products are better than nothing, they are less than ideal sustenance in an emergency situation. Food available to you and your family during a disaster is crucial. You will need long lasting foods that is healthy, delicious, and rich in nutrients. Our huge selection of freeze dried products are exactly what every family needs in an emergency.


Freeze drying is an innovative food preserving process that allows food to stay healthy and nutritious for many years. Freeze dried products purchased today will still be good for up to 25+ years! The freeze drying process opens up a world of products that were not previously available for long term food storage, making it easy to prepare the meals you and your family enjoy. The best part? Freeze dried foods retain nearly all of their nutritional value and are indistinguishable from the fresh variety when reconstituted. That’s because the freeze drying process maintains the integrity of the food and simply removes the moisture, leaving the nutrients and flavor intact.


Freeze drying and dehydration are both methods of preserving food by removing moisture. The dehydration process involves circulating warm, dry air around food to draw the moisture out. While this method does remove moisture, it also slowly cooks the food. This means that essential nutrients can be lost in the process. While dehydration is good, freeze drying is ideal. Freeze drying also removes more moisture than dehydrating, meaning food stays fresher for longer!


The process involves arranging the food to be freeze dried on flat trays and placing them inside a vacuum chamber. The combination of a strong vacuum and a low temperature allows water inside the food to change directly from a solid to a gas in a process called “sublimation”. Freeze drying removes nearly 98% of the moisture in the food, allowing it to stay fresh for years to come! At Fresh and Honest Foods, we use professional equipment in our state of the art facility to ensure that you get the best quality food at the lowest prices. Food is a basic necessity for all of us, especially in an emergency situation. Be prepared with a selection of our freeze dried food storage products available to meet all allergy and dietary needs.

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